June 4, 2009

Manga I want in English

Yup, one of these.

Inio's work is intense

Nijigahara Holograph by Inio Asano
Solanin writer Inio Asano's most praised work on English blogs is called Nijigahara Holograph, finished just prior Solanin. I've read parts of it scanlated but as always I can't bring myself to finish stories I read on the screen. What I managed to read however was excellent and I can't wait for a physical copy. I'm guessing that Viz will publish this next year after they're done with What a Wonderful World. October maybe?

The immortal opening panel of Tsuge's Neji-shiki

Yoshiharu Tsuge collection
Publishing Tsuge in English is the logical step to take for Drawn & Quarterly. After successfullly introducing Tatsumi to the 21st century and releasing gekiga cornerstone Red Colored Elegy the world should be more than ready to embrace Tsuge. His work remains an embarrassing blank spot for Japanese illiterate readers with only three short stories published in English publications so far (more on that in a later post).

Kagomania at its best

Shintaro Kago collection
I would love to see a collection of Kago shorts focusing on his obsession for obsessions and shapes. Considering how hip Kago is I wouldn't be surprised to see a collection dropping soon enough. Maybe something for Picturebox to publish in a luxury edition?

It is okay, it is gekiga

Kamui-den (the 1964 original) by Sanpei Shirato
Alt-avant manga magazine de luxe Garo started for one reason, to run Sanpei Shirato's Kamui-den. That alone makes me want to read it. It is supposed to be really good. Like, REALLY good. Good enough for Vertical to publish it.

I haven't been able to find anything from INSIDE the book

Mind Game by Robin Nishi
I don't know anything about this manga, I haven't seen even a single panel but if the manga is just half as good as the movie it'll be worth buying twice.

Dynamic ping pong action

Ping Pong by Taiyō Matsumoto
VIZ likes Taiyō Matsumoto, no question about it. They've already published beautiful editions of Blue Spring and Tekkonkinkreet with GoGo Monster on the way, so them bringing over Ping Pong doesn't sound farfetched anymore. Five volumes? Easy! Also, they have already released a DVD of the feature length adaptation of the manga in the States so there you go. Also, it was originally published in IKKI so there you go.

It just goes on and on and on like this

Saint Young Men by Hikaru Nakamura
A comedy with Buddha and Jesus on vacation sharing a flat in the middle of modern Tokyo? I'd buy it just to support the mind that cracked the idea!

Panel from the short story Flower (1979)

Early Ōtomo
Katsuhiro Ōtomo did a lot short stories between 1973 and 1995. A very small number of them got published in English as stand alone comics books in the early '90s and they are awesome. I want more. Maybe something for Dark Horse to publish to build up momentum for a reprint of Akira?

(Cropped) scary-ass panel showing how dense Masaaki's atmosphere is

Fuan no tane by Nakayama Masaaki
Fuan no Tane is fucking disgusting. Not in an all-out gorefest way, but in a creepy shit that gets under your skin way. It is a collection of very short horror stories, most under five pages, taking place in everyday locations often ending with a pair of blank eyes staring straight at the reader. Has Dark Horse written all over it.

Panel from Hagio's Heart of Thomas (トーマの心臓), said to be THE Hagio story

Moto Hagio
I want to see what the fuzz is all about, she is another manga master underpublished in English, the queens of shōjo. Somehting for Vertical to publish, it will fit nicely next to their Keiko Takemiya books.

The crude artwork is counter-balanced by her rich stories

Nekojiru did a lot of fucked up shorts. I want to read them. Picturebox brought Nemoto to the States and should be able to bring Nekojiru here as well. AniPages Daily has a translation of a great article on Nekojiru written by Yoshiaki Yoshinaga, please read it: part 1 and part 2.

Maruo's lines just keep on getting prettier and prettier

Panorama-tou Kitan by Suehiro Maruo
Suehiro Maruo leans on Japanese suspense master Edogawa Rampo's stories and for once manages to produce a comic were the story equals the artwork. A Maruo less intrested in gory money shots and more intrested in creating a looming suspense is a Maruo I'm dying to read. Dark Horse will you please release a translation of this manga in a luxurious format? I GUESS LAST GASP WORK5 AS WELL AM I RITE?

A tight and possibly sticky stuation

Gengoroh Tagame
Tagame is the number one gay artist in Japan with several international exhibitions and publications behind him. His men are super masculine mosters involved in super masculine sex closer to classic western gay illustrations and comics than the yaoi manga western readers are usually exposed to. Though, I have no idea who would publish his work in English.

It is okay to laugh, just don't tell anyone that you did

Palepoli by Usamaru Furuya
Parts of Palepoli got published in the Viz collection Secret Comics Japan and it was by far the best work presented in the book. It is a bizzare 4-panel gag manga with dark dark dark jokes. Utterly delicious.


Matthew J. Brady said...

Great choices! I say yes to pretty much all of these, but especially Inio Asano, Furuya, Kago, and Ping Pong. Somebody make it happen!

jimpac said...

Wow. It's amazing how close to my own tastes yours are! Out of everything you've mentioned here I would most like to see a Tsuge collection. As you say, this is surely a logical step for Drawn and Quarterly.

I've been wanting a Kago collection since I read Punctures in Secret Comics Japan almost 10 years ago! I'm worried that the amount of Kago available in scanlation may hamper this happening tho...

Nekojiru and Panorama Island are also high on my lists. I bought Japanese copies of both these works whilst I was on holiday there a couple of weeks ago. The artwork in Panorama Island is absolutely gorgeous!

One thing I think you should have on your list is Enomoto- New Elements That Shake the World. Easily one of the funniest things I have ever read.

Azraelito said...

Holy fukin shit! I have to say the same thing Jimpac said!!

"It's amazing how close to my own tastes yours are!"

Ponent Mon perhaps can license the book of asano, they released them in spain!!!

saludos from argentina!!

keep up the good work with puting rare mangas and reviewing about them!!

D1 said...

Hell Yeah!

zytroop said...

@Matthew: \/\/oRD!
@jimpac: Then I have to say that you have a good taste :P I don't like Enomoto at all so I wouldn't mind it staying in Japan.
@Azraelito: If someone does release more Asano in English it will be VIZ. And I will keep up the good work!
@D1: W0Rd!

ryan said...

@zytroop: We basically love the exact same things, but you already knew that right? My european brother!

Come to Same Hat next Tuesday, I think you miiiiiight be able to happily update this list :)

zytroop said...

@ryan: you sneaky litte man! And yes we are two kindered spirits set adrift in this ravaged ocean of time.

Noah Berkley said...


This is the biggest collection of Otomo clips and covers I've found on the web. Enjoy. Hundreds of awesome images!

Where did you find the image you posted? The octopus one?

zytroop said...

@Noah: that's a SWEET page. The panel I posted is from the short story FLOWER, I lifted it from a digital copy of a japanese Otomo collection