August 7, 2009

KURUTTA tumblr

I often find or get sent things intresting enough to share with you but not quite enough to write a long post about. So I started the KURUTTA tumblr, the maniac little brother to this blog. It's even less safe for work and doesn't provide any information or context to its posts except for a link, title or name. You'll have to do the satisfying detective work by yourself or wait for a proper post that may or may not come. So far the tumblr contains some Araki, a Naruto character in submission mode and a pink film with a collie. Sounds pretty good, huh? "TAKE ME THERE!!" you say?


TrogSpacebird said...

Hey Kurutta, I`m a big fan of your blog. Over you I found out about tumblr. and made my own account. My first blog ever. I would be happy if you can check it and maybe follow me if you want :


Baka said...

hi Kurutta
Im on tumbler a couple of days ago.. so im gonna add you (im harakiri)