August 31, 2009

Tamotsu Yatō's Otoko

Tamotsu Yatō is one of Japan's most influental homoerotic photgraphers. His modest output, three books in total, obscure choice of genre and the general lack of surviving material or people remembering him after his death has made him underappreciated in the west, save for a small cult following. His final and best book Otoko is a search for the all-Japanese man of yore. Gay artist Sadao Hasegawa had this to say about Yatō and the book: "Tamotsu Yatō achieved fame by creating Otoko, a picture book. He photographed Yukio Mishima, nude. His subjects: traditional, muscular, unsophisticated countryside men, are mostly extinct today. Otoko was valuable because you could see these long-bodied, stout-legged, cropped hair, square-jawed men... Good-bye, men of Nippon!"
A selection of images from the book:


Antonyo said...

They are far from the average afeminate japanese guy but still I find them very sexy.

zytroop said...

I find them sexier because of that. Another "taboo" if you want

Brent Dunlevy said...

Very nice built japanese guys!