June 10, 2009


Pinkman is a pretty awesome gay artist living in Tokyo, he was recently inteviewed in the spring issue of BUTT Magazine. He does alot of live painting so if you find yourself in Tokyo make sure to check him out, dates can be found on his website along with more artwork. He claims that his philosophy for life is "Eat curry, wear pink, follow your heart and be nice to fairies."


Ryan S said...

These are tight. why no love for p-p-p-p-pinkman?

What are you favorite Jun Togawa songs?

I'm getting back on a huge Togawa kick right now.

zytroop said...

This collection is pretty spot-on. Otherwise Tamahime-sama is where it's at!

Ryan S said...

Nice, nice. Very cool!
I've got this mix that my buddy Nate (waseda ramen) made me but it has no track list so I have to guess which era/sideproject they are from :)