April 24, 2009

Bakune Young


  • Bakune Young
  • aka バクネヤング
  • By Toyokazu Matsunaga, 松永豊和
  • Published by VIZ Media, 2001-2002
  • English language
  • Reads left-to-right with replaced soundeffects
  • Three volumes
  • 264, 256 & 264 pages
  • $16.95 each
  • ISBN: 156931540X, 1569316368 & 1591160014
  • Amazon.com: volume 1, volume 2, volume 3

I've been trying to write something about the storyline in this manga, but nothing I write will ever make it any justice so you will just have to trust me when I say that this is one of the funniest most over-the-top manga I've read. A page turner with a furious pacing and high body count, most of the original cast is killed off by the start of volume three. Now enjoy these motherfucking panels and buy the books.

But what's up with his face?
The introduction of Police Commissioner Sorigami

The English translation and adaptation, by Yuji Oniki, is very good. The typesetting is really boring but fully functional and the books' margins are fucked up, the edges are cut-off and run deep into the gutter, as always with these old Viz releases.

The French Ninja

You can find all three volumes on Amazon, but not if you search for the title or author, you have to search for the ISBN (or use my handy links) to find it. However a cheaper way would be to scour your local shops, if they have Bakune in stock it usually goes for a few dollars. I got my three volumes of Bakune Young on eBay for under $5 + S&H, an almost criminally low price considering that you get one of the most awesome manga ever.


RosenRed said...

Hey, I somehow missed that. Thanx for the heads up ^^

Azraelito said...

totally agree!!

one of the best things that I have read that have been published in the states!!

really nice storytelling!!!

I also read ryuguden that was very nice, but not so crazy as this!!

brilliant manga and brilliant pics the one you choose!!

keep up the good work!!

saludos from argentina..

jimpac said...

Due to my anal-ness I've never read Bakune Young as when I started reading Pulp it was already up to Chapter (Rampage) 19 (I can only read things from the beginning!). Whenever I used to flick past it I always thought the artwork was ace though.
Any chance you could let me know how many chapters each graphic novel contains so that I can catch up on the parts that I'm missing?

zytroop said...

@RosenRed: I don't blame ya, there is hardly anything besides general info about Bakune online!
@jimpac: The artwork is ace indeed but I can't say how many chapters each book contains because they don't contain any chapters... But snap a photo of the first few panels and I can tell you where in the book that is.

jimpac said...
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jimpac said...

2nd attempt! This should be a link to the first page I have. The quality of the photo isn't great but hopefully you should be able to locate whereabouts in the graphs this take place...



zytroop said...

@jimpac: that is near the end of the second volume!