May 18, 2009

Japanese punk covers

A new post with music covers. This time instead of covers by Suehiro Maruo I bring you some album covers from the Japanese punk and hardcore scene. Enjoy these motherfucking images:

肉弾 - "プロレタリア・スポーツ", 1984. THE EXECUTE - "An Omen of Fear", 1986. THE EXECUTE - "SAVE YOUR MONEY", 1988.

DEAD COPS - "Kill the Cops", 1983. ゲんドうミサイル - "ゲ", 1985.

THE STALIN - "電動こけし", 1980.

"EQUALIZING DISTORT", 1986. "'7 EP", 1996. "FUCK HEADS!", 1985. All by GAUZE


KENZI - "奴をマークしろ!", 1986.

SAMURAI - "CENTER OF TOKYO", 1983. SAMURAI - "Turning Point", 1984. Onna - "Onna", 1983.

THE STALIN - "スターリニズム", 1981. THE STALIN - "STOP JAP", 1982.

暗黒大陸じゃがたら - "南蛮渡来", 1982.

The STRUMmERS! - "RUNNING ON THE WILD SIDE", 1988. UNDER ARMS - "世界はお前の上にある", 1989. THE STALIN - "ロマンチスト", 1989.

奇形児 - "PLASTIC SCANDAL", 1983. トラッシュ- "虎祭音頭", 1986.

INU - "メシ喰うな!", 1981.

"DOKKIRI RECORD", 1980. "DEVIL MUST BE DRIVEN OUT WITH DEVIL", 1986. "GREAT PUNK HITS", 1983. All omnibus albums.

Favorites anyone? I love the design of INU's Meshi Kūna and the "DEVIL MUST BE DRIVEN OUT WITH DEVIL" cover. This site was an invaluable resource for this post.

JAGATARA getting crashed by GISM singer Sakevi Yokoyama in a legendary performance of "HEY SAY!!"


ryan said...

Yep, this is pretty much my favorite blog on the internet.

Another great addition, dude

Aydeeayem said...

Top notch.
This blog makes me want to flapple and train.
For real.

zytroop said...

@ryan: I'm blushing over here.
@Aydeeayem: I know what you mean, I'm flappling like crazy already!

m said...

wow, love the artwork. i had forgot how awesome the stalin are. and that clip was insane, love it!

zytroop said...

@m: agree X 3

winslow said...

i've always liked that stalin cover with the cock and needle. ALL of lip cream's album covers that i've ever seen are kick-ass. seriously good blog; serious.

zytroop said...

@winslow: Thanks! I think the cock and needle cover is maybe a bit TOO punky

Z said...

Why are none of GISM's album covers on here? Those are pretty insane.