December 18, 2009

Toshio Saeki's music covers

It shouldn't be too surprising to learn that the art of Toshio Saeki (佐伯俊男) has graced a few album covers over the years. He is not as prolific as Maruo in the field, with only two artists using him so far, but I think his work is just as stunning.

三上寛怨歌集 - "ひらく夢などあるじゃなし", 1972.
GARLIC BOYS - "ロマン", 2001. 三上寛, - "船頭小唄 / 三上寛えん歌の世界", 1973. 三上寛 - "コンサートライヴ零孤徒", 1972.
GARLIC BOYS - "十(ten)", 2004. GARLIC BOYS - "マッシュルームカットとダッフルコート", 2000.
三上寛 - "三上寛の世界", 1971.
三上寛 - "BANG!", 1974. Back and front.

Hardcore and folk music all the way. While researching this post I found out that Press Pop Gallery in Tokyo recently published a tabloid called SAEKI TOSHIO'S WORKS IN MUSIC which seems like a super deluxe version of this post. Do what I just did and buy it from their website or from PictureBox.

三上寛 - "夢は夜ひらく"
Mikami Kan - "Yume wa Yoru Hikaru


JigsawJohnny said...

Cool stuff! Especially love the first one. :)

jimpac said...

Have you seen this? Due for release next March ...

zytroop said...

@JJ: I like the cover for 三上寛の世界 more :)
@jimpac: yup, it will be delicious

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