December 9, 2009


Final day of MATSUMOTO WEEK and the final short I will post from Matsumoto's 100. This time it is a piece called Universe:

Quite the cliché but it makes you feel pretty warm inside. And hey, GoGo Monster is out NOW and it is supposed to be as gorgeous as the Japanese edition.


JigsawJohnny said...

Cliché but fun. Thanks for posting! :)

Marcel said...

These posts are the biggest treat ever, thanks! Now I just need someone to scanlate the rest of No.5 and I'll be made :)

jimpac said...

Cliche's are fine in my book when they're executed so gorgeously! :)

I saw a copy of GoGo Monster in my local comic shop yesterday and it looks, from what I can gather, just as lush as the Japanese version. I managed to refrain from buying it, in the hope that it will Santa will drop it off for me on the 25th!

Revil said...


Don't worry it's being done, volume 3 should come out any day now :)

reverse directory said...

I love that art work. Really nice framing with the panels.