November 26, 2009

est em's men

est em is my favorite BL labeled artist. Her work is far from the usual school boy romance that plagues the genre, her characters are actual characters and her men are men. It is probably not BL at all, it shares almost nothing with the genre, but I guess it is easier to sell stuff as BL than gay. Her sketchy art is wonderful, especially when she isn't using the computer.

All of the images are taken from est em's website VOSTOK. She currently has three books collecting her short stories published in English: Seduce Me After The Show, Red Blinds the Foolish and Age Called Blue.


Anja Flower said...

I must admit I'm not sure what her men being "men" means. Is there some deep essence of maleness to which all persons born with flat chests and XY chromosomes and dicks must aspire, and do most BL/yaoi characters somehow fall short?

I am confuse.

zytroop said...

With her men being men I mean that they don't look or behave like the unfucked awkward boys of typical BL.