November 19, 2009

Fantastic shōjo: Who is Macoto Takahashi?

Just now a friend sent me Lililicious' scanslation of a 1957 shōjo manga called The Rows of Cherry Trees (さくら並木) by a man named Macoto, or Makoto, Takahashi (高橋真琴). I am baffeled, it is like reading yuri/shōjo blueprint: two rival girls competing for the love of a upperclassman (also a girl), a widowing mother, bullying, ballet, namedropping of classical music, huge sparkly eyes and the most expressive planels you've ever seen. Who is this man, what else has he done, where can I find some more?

And those are only illustrations from the prelude, the actual manga is shōjo boner heaven.


Anonymous said...

These images are fabulous. Thanks for posting. As far as I know the only illustrations by Takahashi Makoto published outside of Japan are contained in "Collector File, Vol. 1: Girls In Pop". He has also done several "Gothic Lolita Bible" cover illustrations. Here is his official website:

Erin said...

I just looked on Amazon Japan, and he(?) appears to have several books still in print. So you should be able to find some in Japanese bookstores (depending on the bookstore, you may have to special-order the books).

Anja Flower said...

Oh, good GOD. I think I've found a new favorite. I'd seen the Gothic and Lolita Bible covers by Macoto plenty of times before - I have a Macoto poster on my wall - but I had no idea about this older work. It's absolutely stunning! I actually like the older work much more.

And wow, if Takahashi Macoto has been working since at least the mid-'50s... Jesus, that's a long career.

Phantom of Pulp said...

Thanks so much for posting these. I came across some scans of these a couple of years ago, but had no idea who they were from. His work is stunning.