March 24, 2010

Anime nasty: Violence Jack - Hell's Wind

The third Violence Jack OVA is somewhere in between the first and second one when it comes to gore and smut but it is way ahead the rest of the pack when it comes to animation and production. And cheesy music. Still not good though. Released in 1990, directed by Takuya Wada.


Yukiko Forever! said...

"not good" all depends on your definition of "good" hahahaha . . . this is the only one I haven't watched/bought yet but I'm afraid to anyway because I heard a rumor that none of the American VHS releases have the chainsaw scene in them . . . :(

zytroop said...

@Yukiko Forever!: It is good, but not the good kind of good. I think the Critical Mass VHS is supposed to be uncut. Otherwise there is always YouTube