April 5, 2010

Year one

KURUTTA is now one sparingly updated year old. I didn't think it would last this long and I don't want to make any promises for the future. But at the moment it feels like I want to post more reviews like the ones during BOOK MONTH and less of the things I've done the last months. That could change though.

My favorite post so far is the one with Japanese Punk Covers, the most popular post (the one that generates the most hits/day) is still 50 Yaoi Schlongs. And I know the cock images are broken, but finding a xxx image host that isn't crap is hard. If you want to host 50 wiener gifs on your server feel free to contact me. The most RSS-read post is Sadao Hasegawa.

Please tell me what you think of KURUTTA so far, your favorites and what you want to see more and less of!


Ethereal Cheese said...

Absolutely keep the site going, you've thrown in some great plugs for manga, artwork and anime; gay, straight or otherwise (of which I'm very grateful for). I'm plugging you on my own site too, so, please keep it going, I've enjoyed the site the past few months.

ryan said...


megane-kun said...

I discovered your blog recently. I really enjoy it, keep doing it please!
Favorite post : Suehiro Maruo record covers. Thank you so much for this one.
More ero-guro, punk artworks and yaoi would be nice for the next 12 months!

JigsawJohnny said...

Happy anniversary! :D

My fave post is the punk artwork thingie, and the Maruo posts. Actually I think the punk post was my gateway to this place. ;)

ryan said...


Fei said...

I love everything on Kurutta.

Dario said...

congrats, dude. i've been following your blog for like six months and i've enjoyed every post. thanks a lot and keep it going.

zytroop said...

@Cheese: Thanks mister
@ryan: THAAAAANX (x2 got the stuff) :)
@megane: I'll see what I can cook up
@JJ: Thanks. I think I have to become more punk in the future
@Fei: <3
@Dario: thanks dude

Joey Joe said...

Just found this blog and it's right up my alley. Have you tried sadpanda.us as an xxx image host?

SMebane said...

Been following you since the first post. Gotta say this is one of my favorite blogs out there, it offers a sort of view on the pop culture underground of a foreign culture we don't know much about.
I loved the Jpunk and Jrock posts, and learning about Hiroaki Samura and Sekitani Norikito was awesome.
Seeing stuff like violence jack and the homoerotic art is icing on the cake.